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Let’s Learn Origami Book - 4

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Let’s Learn Origami Book - 4

Let's Learn Origami Book - 4:

This series of books for small children offers them the wonderful opportunity of learning to make beautiful objects by folding and sticking punched shapes into the book.

Let's Learn Origami Book-4 is the fourth book in the series. In this book, children learn a few new folds like corner, multiple triangle, overlap multiple square, etc . Learners begin learning how to make simple paper models of flowers, clocks, etc and gradually progress to more complex creations like balloons and steamers.

  • Designed as per the new educational syllabus.

  • Graded activities from easy to complex.

  • Plain and coloured paper in different shapes, perforated for easy handling, is provided in an envelope on the inside back cover.

  • Two-fold activity : origami plus colouring

  • The book also provides extra blank pages for craftwork.

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