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It is a specially designed series of workbook to tap the kids’ artistic talents. The book provides colourful stickers. Alphabets and numbers are covered in a most concise and joyful manner. Every page also covers one general knowledge topic like fruit, vegetable or animal. There are pages with dotted pictures, which help the kids learn and develop drawing and colouring skills. It also makes the child enjoy an activity which is most critical for a child of this age. This book also tries to impart general knowledge on the given subject. Learning becomes fun when interactive with colour and drawing.

5 reasons on why you should use “My Colouring Book” for your child.

• “My Colouring Book” encompasses all aspects of drawing i.e free hand drawing, object drawing, nature drawing, activity and memory drawing
• It improves the co-ordination skill of the child.
• The above is achieved through the medium of colouring. Thus learning is fun as children learn to choose colours for all the subjects drawn in this book.
• Cartoon stickers and pictures provided in the book stimulates and makes the child and make the activity enjoyable
• It is easier for the child to maintain the rules as maximum space is provided for the child to colour.


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