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In today’s modern world of technological advancement, the computer is an amazing gift. A student’s schooling experience would be incomplete if they did not talze advantage of the computer lznowledge at their disposal.

In order, to ensure that every student is well-equipped with the lznowledge to use the computer, we at CBM Publications, have developed a complete series of Textboolz­ cum-Worlzboolz called SMART COMPUTERS for classes I to XII.


0   To maize sure that the student learns the latest software, the entire series is based on Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016, HTML 5 and Adobe FlashCS6.

0              A special chapter  on What’s  New in the  Tech World provides lznowledge of latest technology in use around the world.

0              The syllabus for one academic year has been covered consecutively in each boolz.

0       The series is graded systematically for Class I to XII, to provide a seamless continuity of learning.

0       Each Chapter covers Theory content followed by relevant Exercises and Activities, and concluding with well-defined Practical Assignments.

0              The language used in the boolzs is very simple so that every student can understand it easily.

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