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  • Educational Books
    Educational Books
    Creative with Computer - 1
    Class: Class I
    S.S.C / I.C.S.E / C.B.S.E
    Price: Rs 95/-
  • Educational Pendrive Mar 1
    Educational Pendrive Mar 1
    Educational Pendrive Mar 1
    Class: Class I
    English, Maths
    Price: Rs 2000/-
  • 3D
    The immersive 3D ambiance offers a powerful platform to boost your performencec!
  • Interactive Classrooms
    Interactive Classrooms
    The project is about developing, conducting and implementing the E-Interactive programs in classrooms in your school.
  • Computer Education
    Computer Education
    You will appreciate the fact that nowadays computers are being used very effectively in almost every walk of life, therefore it has become absolutely essential to impart computer education to our children for a bright future.

  • Knowledge Center
    Knowledge Center
    This Computer Based Training method enables learners to practice at their own pace, pay closer attention to problem areas, advance systematically and work on their assignments without inhibitions.

  • Language Lab
    Language Lab
    The language lab in your school, will develop a command over the English Language in the students from an early age, building up a solid foundation from which they can continue to grow as readers and learners and eventually leaders.

  • Studycloud
    Language Lab
    The online learning app to help your child learn at home.
  • Smart Series
    Language Lab
    E-Books, Activities and vides for our Smart and Creative series.
Multiple Language
This program is also available for students of English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Urdu medium schools.
Covers all Chapters
Covers all chapters of the subject provided as per class and can be viewed multiple times.
Digital Library
Digital library is a technology backed library in which collections of books are stored in digital format and can be easily accessed.
Content Quality
The content is in rich animation and has crisp audio for better understanding.
User Friendly
The entire product is very easy to use, making it hassle free for students, parents & teachers.


  • CBM Educational Books have made learning fun and easy. The language is simple. The illustrations are beautiful. The books provide a unique learning experience. The illustrations make the book interesting and captivating for the child. I am a satisfied parent.

    Ravi Mishra, Parent,
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • The Interactive classroom program run in our college, H.R. College by CBM has been an overall positive experience for us and has been one of the reasons we attend college. The interactive software and setup is not only exciting to look at, it is also fun to use.

    Rohan Sarandkar, Student,
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • My son studies in Lourdes School, Kalyan. CBM runs the interactive classroom program in the school and I have seen the overall result of my child improve because of the use of this innovative interactive learning environment. I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend all parents to encourage their schools to implement this e learning interactive classroom.

    - Priya Mathur, Parent,
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • I am an ex-student of St. Teresa School. Recently, I saw a CBM Computer book and it was a good trip down memory lane. The books are what formed the base for me to become a Computer Engineer today. It was these computer books and my computer teacher that encouraged me to pursue my love for Computers.

    Akash Shah, Computer Engineer,
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • The language lab program run by CBM in my school has helped me grasp difficult English words and I can proudly say that I am a fluent English speaker now. I would encourage all schools to implement this language lab program for their students as it is a program which works and gives results.

    Kamal Sharma, Student,
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • I recently purchased the CBM Pendrive to enable E-learning. It covers all chapters and allows me to learn at my own speed. The chapters are animated beautifully and make learning for me interactive and fun. I was very happy with the product and would like to thank CBM for helping me achieve such good results in my exams.

    Siddharth Shetty, Student
    Mangalore, INDIA
  • The ELibrary program running in our school has made reading fun and exciting again. It has brought back the joy of reading for avid readers like me. I have a few friends who enjoyed the package so much, it has led them to start reading books in the physical form because of the Elibrary Package.

    Janice Dsouza, Student,
    Bangalore, INDIA
  • The 3D Maths and Science Lab in our school is the coolest room in the school. It takes care of the expectations of us students as the lab has ensured that Maths and Science come alive for us. Add to it the thrill of wearing 3D glasses in school and it leaves us as students really excited. Very happy.

    Yash Singh, Student,
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • The E learning Pendrive is amazing! It covers the syllabus completely. The chapters are well designed and systematically arranged making the package extremely user friendly and easy to use.

    Saksham Borana, Student,
    Nagpur, INDIA
  • As a Biology teacher myself, I have seen a marked improvement in the way the students are grasping lessons all thanks to the 3D setup in our school done by CBM. We are pleased with the content as well as the service and I strongly urge and recommend all educators to implement this product as the ultimate benefactors are the students and they love the experience.

    Payal Gohil, Teacher,
    Mumbai, INDIA
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