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Creative with Computer -1

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Creative with Computer -1


A student's schooling today would be incomplete if he / she were not computer literate. In order to develop a student's skills at handling computers, CBM has prepared a complete series of text- cum -workbooks - Creative Computers- for classes I to X. The entire series is based on Microsoft Office 2007 and is supported by Windows 7.

Creative with Computer-1 is the first book in the series. It introduces young learners to the basics of computers. In this book, children are also acquainted with the various computer parts, the Internet and the Paint program. The use of simple language, full-colour illustrations and cute cartoon characters make learning more enjoyable.

Chp No. Chp Name
1 What is a Machine?
2 Computer - A Machine
3 The Uses of Computers
4 Playing with the Keyboard
5 The Computer Mouse
6 Project - 1
7 What is Input and Output?
8 The Useful Devices
9 More for your Computer
10 Looking after your Computer
11 On and Off
12 Introduction to Internet
13 Introduction to Paint
14 Project - 2
Discover Computer - 1
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