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Discover Computer - 2

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Discover Computer - 2

Discover Series: (Computer 2)

This series has 12 text-cum-workbooks and covers the basics of computers, Windows, Paint, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Web-Designing, HTML, Flash and Frontpage.

Discover Computer-2 is the second book in the Discover series. The comprehensive, easy to understand, step by step lessons in this book cover everything from the fundamentals of computers to its most advanced features.

It covers:

  • Types of computers.

  • Parts of a Computer. (Mouse, Keyboard & other devices)

  • Hardware of a Computer (Start up, Shut Down etc).

  • CPU, Monitor, Printer, Speakers and Storage places

  • Each book covers the portion for one academic year.

  • Continuity of learning is assured as the books are carefully graded from Class 1 to Class X.

  • Each chapter begins with the theory content which is followed up with relevant exercises and activities, concluding with appropriate practical assignments.

  • The topics are explained in simple and direct language which can be easily understood by students.

  • The use of illustrations, comic strips and cartoon characters make learning more enjoyable.

  • A glossary, shortcut key and list of useful websites are included in each book.

  • Additional blank worksheets have been provided to enable the students to enter special notes discussed by the teacher.

  • The entire series uses the latest MS Office application and is supported by Windows XP.

  • The series conforms to the latest Education Board pattern.

  • Interactive CDs to reinforce the concepts dealt with are also available.

  • Supplementary activities and teacher resources are available at www.cbmindia.in

1 I am a Machine
2 C for Computer
3 A Computer and its Parts
4 The Different types of Computers
5 What is a C
6 Project -1
7 Picture, Prints, and Sounds
8 Storage Places
9 Windows
10 Application Programs
11 Paint a Picture
12 The Internet
13 Project - 2
I Love Computer - 2
Educational Pendrive 2
Creative with Computer -2

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