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Smart with HTML5

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Smart with HTML5

Smart With HTML

A student's schooling today would be incomplete if they are not computer literate. In order to develop a student's skills at handling computers, CBM has prepared a series of text- cum -workbooks complete with online support and activities - Smart With Computers- for classes I to XII. The entire series is supported by Windows 10 and is based on the latest versions of the softwares being explored.

Hyper Text Markup Language, commonly known as HTML, is a useful tool for designing a webpage using easy tags. CBM's HTML5 coursebook covers in a simple and comprehensive manner the planning and creation of websites and use of hyperlinks and forms.It also discusses at length the new features of HTML 5. Through this book, students learn how to work with web pages and websites. Practical questions and activities at the end of each chapter encourage students to come up with creative ideas while reinforcing the concepts learnt.

Chp No. Chp Name
1 Concept of the World Wide Web
2 An Introduction To HTML
3 Introduction to CSS
4 Formatting a Web Page
5 Lists
6 Project - 1
7 Understanding Tables
8 Hyperlinks
9 HTML-5 Designing
10 Creating a Form
11 Publishing your Website
12 Project – 2
13 Certificate
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