Computer Education
Saves time and effort with 24x7 access to information
Let's make your school smarter!
The aim of this program is to ensure effective teaching of the basics of Computers and the Internet. This will enable Students to face the Digital World.

Better understanding of computers
Scientific and standardized training
Program integrates the curriculum of other subjects like English, Maths, Science & Social Studies
Simulation Mode
Vocational utility
Publisher of computer books
Why School's trust us
1. Syllabus mapped exactly as per text book.
2. Innovative tools and contents for teachers.
3. Dedicated staff for school.
4. All round customer support.
5. Teacher's training program - Round the clock.
6. Updates and improvements.
What our users are saying about us
  • I am an ex-student of St. Teresa School. Recently, I saw a CBM Computer book and it was a good trip down memory lane. The books are what formed the base for me to become a Computer Engineer today. It was these computer books and my computer teacher that encouraged me to pursue my love for Computers.

    Akash Shah(Computer Engineer)
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • Computer Education is a comprehensive and valuable resource, enabling students to access a wealth of subject-specific and animated voice enabled books to support them throughout their studies in terms of vocabulary, grammar and voice modulation.

    Mumbai, INDIA
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CBM APP Available

Learn on the go with our cool mobile app for Android. Parents can actively participate by monitoring progress and performance on their dedicated app.

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