Interactive Classroom
Saves time and effort with 24x7 access to information
Interactive Classroom
Let's make your school smarter!
The Aim of the program is to enhance classroom teaching with the latest technology. The project is about developing, conducting and implementing the E-Interactive programs in classrooms in your school. Each classroom will be equipped with an interactive board, a multimedia computer, latest projector and respective class wise and subject wise educational content based on the syllabus. The teacher can use these resources to teach a particular topic in her class itself, along with the regular teaching period.

Interactive content
Makes learning exciting.
Saves time and effort
Share class activity pictures, rhyme audio, newsletter PDF and especially in writing notes on the blackboard.
Modifications to the content
Content displayed on the board can be made by using a stylus electronic pen.
Effective Training
Training provided to teachers to use the program effectively.
Quality Content
Ensures quality content even in the absence of regular teachers or in case of change of staff.
Classified Content
Content arranged class-wise and subject-wise for quick and easy reference.
Effective Syllabus
Portion available for all classes from Jr. K.G. to Class 10.
Revise and reinforce concepts
Can be used to revise and reinforce concepts already taught in class.
Security ensured for every class.
Why School's trust us
1. Syllabus mapped exactly as per text book.
2. Innovative tools and contents for teachers.
3. Dedicated staff for school.
4. All round customer support.
5. Teacher's training program - Round the clock.
6. Updates and improvements.
What our users are saying about us
  • The Interactive Classroom program run in our college by CBM has been an overall positive experience for us and has been one of the reasons we attend college. The interactive software and setup is not only exciting to look at, it is also fun to use.

    Rohan Sarandkar(Student)
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • My son studies in Lourdes School, Kalyan. CBM runs the Interactive Classroom program in the school and I have seen the overall result of my child improve because of the use of this innovative interactive learning environment. I am a very satisfied parent and would recommend all parents to encourage their schools to implement this e learning interactive classroom.

    Priya Mathur(Parent)
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • Interactive Classrooms is a comprehensive and valuable resource, enabling students to access a wealth of subject-specific and animated voice enabled books to support them throughout their studies in terms of vocabulary, grammar and voice modulation.

    Mumbai, INDIA
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