A Unique Learning Experience for those learning and for those teaching
A Unique Learning Experience for those learning and for those teaching
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New Smart Series of computer books out !

  • Educational Books
    Educational Books
    Creative with Computer - 1
    Class: Class I
    S.S.C / I.C.S.E / C.B.S.E
    Price: Rs 80/-
  • Educational Pendrive Mar 1
    Educational Pendrive Mar 1
    Educational Pendrive Mar 1
    Class: Class I
    English, Maths
    Price: Rs 4,250.00/-
  • 3D
    The immersive 3D ambiance offers a powerful platform to boost your performencec!
  • Interactive Classrooms
    Interactive Classrooms
    The project is about developing, conducting and implementing the E-Interactive programs in classrooms in your school.
  • Computer Education
    Computer Education
    You will appreciate the fact that nowadays computers are being used very effectively in almost every walk of life, therefore it has become absolutely essential to impart computer education to our children for a bright future.

  • Knowledge Center
    Knowledge Center
    This Computer Based Training method enables learners to practice at their own pace, pay closer attention to problem areas, advance systematically and work on their assignments without inhibitions.

  • Language Lab
    Language Lab
    The language lab in your school, will develop a command over the English Language in the students from an early age, building up a solid foundation from which they can continue to grow as readers and learners and eventually leaders.

Multiple Language
This program is also available for students of English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Urdu medium schools.
Covers all Chapters
Covers all chapters of the subject provided as per class and can be viewed multiple times.
Digital Library
Digital library is a technology backed library in which collections of books are stored in digital format and can be easily accessed.
Content Quality
The content is in rich animation and has crisp audio for better understanding.
User Friendly
The entire product is very easy to use, making it hassle free for students, parents & teachers.


  • E-Library is a comprehensive and valuable resource, enabling students to access a wealth of subject-specific and animated voice enabled books to support them throughout their studies in terms of vocabulary, grammar and voice modulation.

    Y.Mehta, Principal
    Mumbai, INDIA

CBM APP Available

Learn on the go with our cool mobile app for Android. Parents can actively participate by monitoring progress and performance on their dedicated app.

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